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Male CNAs

How do all of you feel about male cnas?

They have they at my facility that I just started working at but they aren't allowed to work on females. This however will change in a month or so when they let them work on the females that will allow it.

After being in orientation for a good month this recently came up and I never thought about it in this light.

While as a female I don't think its right that if you go to a floor with 40 patients the males only have to work on the say 10 male patients that are there, and the other two females cnas have to work on the rest of the patients that are female. It has happened to me and its makes me hot. But I can also see why it would be a problem for men working on females at all because they females could pull the rape card real easily and th emen could lose their jobs like that because the resident is always right.

I feel for the men but than I go back to feeling hey I'm tired of getting pulled all the time and doing more work than you. How do all of you feel about male cnas?
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