bedpan_jockey (bedpan_jockey) wrote in cna_support,

Venting about psycho family members...

We have a total care resident with craaaazy family members who get extremely worked up about every little thing. They pretty much live there with the resident 24-7, and yet they're incapable of doing anything for her. If she hangs her arm over the side of the bed, or sneezes, or even sleeps "too long" they panic and come running to us. They're so afraid to touch her that they can't even fluff her pillows themselves! On top of constantly calling us in the room for every little thing, they've imposed a schedule on us that forces us to spend way more time with her than any of the other residents. If we're 5 minutes late for any of this they have a panic attack about it. We use a lift for this resident, and the family members stay in the room with us for all transfers (and all care, actually). As soon as we touch the resident, they get all jumpy and start freaking out, telling us to stop what we're doing and be careful of this and that, hovering, and totally getting in the way. They also monopolize and hoard supplies (pads, briefs, lift slings, pillows, etc.).

In the past, they've been told to 1). stop following CNAs into other residents' rooms and bathrooms, 2). Stop interrupting the nurse when she's pouring meds for other residents, 3). step out of the room when transfers and care are being done. They always stop for a little while, then gradually go back to their bad behavior. It's been quite a while since they've been spoken to about their behavior and it's getting out of hand again. Recently, one of them screamed in terror at a ***completely imaginary*** "unsafe" scenario and shoved a CNA out of her way in a panic. This same person has also made several hostile, accusatory comments about me, which i do not appreciate.

I can't take this crap anymore! But we have a bunch of staff who cater to their every desire, and if their bad behavior is going to be stopped, it has to be consistent. I'd talk to my nursing supervisor about making hard and fast rules regarding what is not to be tolerated, but she's snobby and condescending, and I'm afraid I'll regret even bringing it up. At the same time I know that these people clearly do not like me and I don't want their accusations, which are completely unfounded, to compromise my job.
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