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I am considering becoming a CNA...

I currently am trying to complete my BA in Psych, and wanted to go into Social Work. However, I have tons of loans to pay off and I wanted to make sure I had another route to go. I have already done a year's work as a companion, and interned at a child welfare organization. I love providing care for people, but come bearing a few questions:

1) How do you honestly feel about being a CNA? I hear it's tiring and thankless. I guess I'd be used to that since I want to be a social worker as well.
2)  How hard is it to get into a program? Is it just about being able to read and having the money? I'm trying to find a fairly cheap one and I hear some facilities will hire you right after you get certified. Correct?
3) What does the job market look like? I know CNAs are needed but I obviously wouldn't have the one year of experience most places are seeking. 

Thank you so much in advance!
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