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I recently accepted a job at what I thought was a "great" nursing home located in my city. The place was immaculate, it smelled passable, the ADON and staff recruiter were both friendly and pleasant, the scheduler even gave me time off to attend some weddings. I was so excited to start, especially when I found out there were shower aides! Heck yes!


I started orientation on the floor two CNA's short, my preceptor was crazy and rude, they were throwing people on the beds rather than using lifts and that was NOT the worst of it. There was a bout of C. diff going around and one of my residents was getting the start of it. My preceptor and I were helping her to the toilet and she began defecating before she sat down, so we had to hold her up while she defecated into a basin on the floor because it was too messy to move her at that point. Besides the fact that that was gross, my preceptor started screaming at her and calling her a "filthy animal, s***ting on the floor," a "dog," "nasty," "hideous," and "wothless." I was in horror the entire time. Of course, I immediately reported her to the DON and the ADON. After that, and seeing other things that I don't even want to get into, I resigned.

I am wondering, should I report them to state or should I just let the staff deal with it? The DON's were horrified when I told them and they apologized to me. They seemed sincere when they said they would take immediate action. I have never encountered anything like this and I hope not to in the future.
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