Beth Ashley (runningincrocs) wrote in cna_support,
Beth Ashley

Home Care?

I have an interview with a home care agency tomorrrow morning. I have never done home care before, and I am a little hesitant to work without a facility. Any tips or things I should be asking? Any thoughts on those who work home care as a CNA? I am still not sure I want to do this, so any advice is much appreciated. :) Thanks!
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I've never worked home care, just inpatient-hospital care, but some things I would ask would be how far I'd have to travel for jobs, what my particular duties would be, do you get reimbused for gas, and what kind of system is in place for if you enter a home and need backup from an RN or if you end up going to a home where you feel your safety is threatened/feel uncomfortable.
I just started a job in home health care and I have to say that I enjoy it. There is a fair amount of downtime. It's not nearly as exciting as chasing call lights all day, but it's still good. The environment is generally a lot lower stress level than a care facility.