meg (sandwhich_cooki) wrote in cna_support,


Hey everyone. I'm a RN student in New Jersey looking for work for the summer. I saw that if you've taken Fundamentals of Nursing/Nursing 1 (which I have), you don't need to take a CNA course, just take the test. However I noticed that it says "CNA for long term care/assisted living" on the NJ paperwork. It was my understanding that CNAs work in all settings, but maybe I'm wrong? I would prefer working in an acute setting (though of course beggars can't be choosers and I'm guessing LTC jobs are much more available). In acute hospitals are aides more "patient care techs" or "medical assistants" than CNAs? Is there a difference? Would I be able to take a PCT test too without the course or does this just apply to CNA? Thanks everyone!
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