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Thoughts on this?

My facility has three different wings - A, B, and C. I work on B wing and have a certain resident on my assignment who used to live on C wing. While there she developed close relationships with a C wing nurse and aide. For whatever reason, she was moved to B wing, and she doesn't trust me or any of the other aides. She refuses to take showers for us, etc. Because of this, the C wing aide or nurse that this resident likes will come to our wing and shower her.

For whatever reason, even though this resident is entirely continent and oriented to her surroundings, the C wing staff puts a pull up brief on her. They never told us that they had put a brief on her, so no one on B wing (including the nurses or administration) were aware of the fact. A month ago, C wing went to shower the resident and it was discovered that her brief had not been changed in a week (they had dated the brief). Myself and every other person who had this resident for the month of march got automatically written up. Instead of wondering why no one knew that this resident wore briefs and wasn't changing them herself (she changed her clothing independently), the administration just told us not to mess up again and to start changing her brief every shift.

Which was great and all, but the problem with that is that the resident refuses to let us change her brief to the point of physically hitting us to try to stop us from touching her. I asked the DON and the DSD what to do and they both said that if she refused, just to report it to the charge nurse and to keep trying. So, for the past month I've been able to change her brief every other day at best and when she refuses, I've told the charge nurse.

I went to work today and my charge nurse pulled me aside and told me that C wing had once again noticed the residents brief had not been changed. It had been only one day this time, and I wasn't even there for that one day. Despite this, I was once again written up for it, as was everyone else who had signed the adls saying they had cared for her.

I don't know what to do in this situation. This lady really does not like B wing staff, yet administration won't let her go back to C wing. It's causing tension between C and B wing staff (like we need more drama in LTC). We all did what we were told to do in the event of a refusal, and still got written up again. I can't keep getting written up and risk being fired and having a neglect/abuse charge on my record, but at the same time I have no choice other that to take care of this patient.

What would you do??

Too long; didn't read:
Patient refuses care. Staff keep getting written up for not giving her the care that she refuses, despite following the steps administration told us to take in the event of a refusal. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks in advance. I'm just stressing pretty bad over it.
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