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So, I got the call...

Hi, I'm Vanessa and I've spent the last five years as the accounting coordinator for a company that manages several Continual Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs).  I saw a lecture on Culture Change, which is similiar if not identical to the Eden Alternative principles, and decided I wanted to be apart of that movement.  So, I decided that I needed to be a CNA before I could ever be the one to bring these concepts to the floor.  So, I was offered CNA training, ceritification and a job through a small 44 bed nursing care facility.  I start the seven week classes on Jan 5.  I'm excited I have a plan and I'm working it, but I'm also scared...so I want to make friends here.  Any advice?  Any of you into the Culture Change/Eden Alternative movement?  Any of you think I should call it off if I'm out of comission one week a year due to lower back pain?  any of you know of sucess stories where CNAs

I talk a lot but here is my general plan:
Accounting Coordinator for 6 CCRCs 2004-2009
    CNA Certification
        Work as CNA  
            Finish degree in Human Services this year.
                Culture Change Consultant Credentials ?
                    Senior Care Counselor ?
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