Party Rabbit (redlemon) wrote in cna_support,
Party Rabbit

Process on becoming a CNA

Hello, I'm new here.

I've been considering training to become a CNA. I've had experience working with autistic children, hospice care (volunteer), and I was an informal home assistant to a lovely lady with dementia.

I've looked about how to get trained and I'm coming up with very little. Most say to try the Red Cross. Well, the red cross in my area (SE Michigan) doesn't seem to offer training and they never answered any of my phone calls. I've also looked into community colleges, but most that offer it are pretty far away and would kind of conflict with my current classes at a local college (I'd like a Bachelor's in Gerontology or Hospice Care). The last suggestion I got was calling up local nursing homes and seeing if they offer training. And that's where I'm stuck.

I'm not an extremely social telephone person, so this whole thing seems quite overwhelming to me. What do I ask or say when I call? And what kinds of nursing homes do training? I know it will essentially be a job interview if I find one, and I'm pretty prepared on that front, especially with my background. But I just seem to be having trouble getting started on this route. And what can I expect?

Any advice?
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